We thought you’d never ask. 

We’re The B Word Media Company - and we’re here to f*ck sh*t up. We noticed a problem - no fat people in media (hell, no anyone who wasn’t white, thin, cis, etc in media). And like every good group of millennial-go-getting-gals, we weren’t gonna wait around for someone else to notice. Introducing: the solution - inclusive media that actually puts real people on screen. 

We’re here to revolutionize the way people make, engage with, and consume media. Our cultural stories inform our beliefs, our behaviors, and the way we move through the world and treat ourselves and others. Representative media is lifesaving. It’s world changing. It’s the cure. Welcome to the new age. 

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We’re on a mission to recreate digital storytelling through a lens that sees us all

meet the team

brianna mcdonnell

Brianna McDonnell is a Los Angeles based performer, creative producer, and social media specialist.

She began with The B Word blog and a simple goal: bring fat bodies into the fashion world. Today? Brianna is trailblazing what it means to be a storyteller in the digital media space. Her passion for media drives everything she does - from starring in and producing content to elevating the creatives around her - Brianna is on a mission to create media that disrupts the narrative.

founder & creative director

“..rather than go with cheesy or sexed-up images, McDonnell strove towards diversity, casting plus-size women in different kinds of light”

“If this piece is any indication, we should all keep an eye on McDonnell...

as she may be one of the first to take a real hammer to the current cruel course of American fashion."

“We love feeling seen and represented,

which sadly doesn’t happen all that often for fat folks, but people like Melanie Field and Brianna McDonnell are determined to change that.”

“McDonnell hopes people who see the calendar will find the models' confidence contagious.

If the images above are any indication, a big ol' heap of self-love should be coming your way.”

“A woman has decided to challenge stereotypical fashion calendars, 

which she says typically exclude plus-size models, and create her own version with 18 women from across America.
Brianna McDonnell, who is a plus-size fashion blogger at The B Word, aims to “empower body confidence in women through fashion and fashion imagery” after her own childhood experiences left her feeling excluded”